Shiok! – Singlish Pop Art


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Shiok! – Singlish Pop Art

Shiok: an exclamation expressing admiration or approval, just like ‘cool!’ and ‘great!’.

Ideal as a feature of any room in your home or office. Also makes for a great gift or souvenir!

This print comes in the following sizes:

A0 – 118.9cm (w) x 84.1cm (h)
A1 – 84.1cm (w) x 59.4cm (h)
A2 – 59.4cm (w) x 42cm (h)
A3 – 42cm (w) x 29.7cm (h)

Frame is not included. Your local frame shop will easily fix you up.

All prints are very carefully packaged to prevent any damage during delivery.

If there’s a Singlish Pop Art you’d like me to design for you please message me for details and pricing.

© Copyright 2018 Big Red Chilli. Artwork may not be reproduced or resold.


118.9cm (w) x 84.1cm (h), 84.1cm (w) x 59.4cm (h), 59.4cm (w) x 42cm (h), 42cm (w) x 29.7cm (h)